Ruben Avila Gallardo

August 2, 2023

Ruben Avila Gallardo is the current Office Manager in Linus Pauling Middle School; his colleagues describe him as calm, funny, and dedicated. He got his start right here in Corvallis as a preschooler in Lincoln Elementary School. Ruben grew up in Corvallis School District going from Lincoln Elementary to Linus Pauling Middle School and finally graduating from Corvallis High School with his seal in biliteracy. Shortly after graduating he returned to Linus Pauling Middle school as an administrative assistant. Ruben quickly began to excel and provide excellent service to parents and students alike. He was described as a light in the office environment. After one and half years Ruben was promoted to Office Manager in the Human Resources department where he has already proven to be an asset. Ruben began to miss being in the school environment and transitioned as the Office Manager of Linus Pauling. An office manager is typically described as the pulse of the school and Ruben exemplifies this imagery. Ruben is an example to students and staff alike of how one can carve out their own pathway towards success. When asked why Ruben decided to come back and work for Corvallis School District after graduating he simply said, “The students.” Ruben said, “I love to see them grow and become who they want to be, they remind me of me and I get to be an example to them.”